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TV, Broadband and Telecommunications


The new technology, IP telecommunications, is  providing not only increased security; it is also possible to extend the service provided to improve your customer's quality of life.

With IP telecommunications it is easy for the user to access a number of other services. These include TV, telephone and internet access via broadband.

Many older people understand the concept of value for money which, unfortunately, is often absent in today’s society.  We are striving to bring back that concept. The future is about using technology to enhance the quality of life to;

  • Easily keep in touch with loved ones
  • e-health: Giving the opportunity to offer different medical services that the user requires.


Security and broadband technology “the world is changing”


The old analogue telephone network is increasingly out of fashion, which will change the way we communicate and our choice of communication tools.

Today there are thousands of personal medical alarm phone lines, just in Australia, which depend on traditional analog telecommunications. It is important to distinguish between concepts such as analog and digital. In particular, it is important to realize that analog communication tools do not always work in a digital world.

The Future

We are in an ever changing global technology environment; this applies to Australia just as the rest of the world.

The implications of this are that the number of services that can be provided by traditional analog technology are becoming much more limited than those provided by digital technology.

The future of medical alarm systems will have a broader use than the traditional medical alarm system and will allow for constant monitoring, therefore creating a more secure environment.  Digital technology such as IP telecommunication, via broadband, is simply superior to traditional analog telecommunication in terms of sending information.

In the future it will be inevitable that all communication will be based on broadband technology, including medical alarms.

The purpose of this site is to give you a basic insight into the future of the medical alarms and broadband technology.


True Digital Solutions

Cat5 Connector

A Plug for VoIP


Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP as it is commonly known is changing the way we communicate.  Thanks to advancements made in global networking, the Internet now makes so many things possible.  Watching TV over the Internet, making phone calls for a fraction of the cost of older techhnologies, banking, shopping... the list goes on.  Digital Alarm Monitoring is a natural progression of these emerging uses of the Internet.

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Need Help With Your Idea?


Don't get left in the dark!  CareIP and CareTech have the ideas and experience to provide you with the most modern Digital Alarm Monitoring systems to suit your needs.  Browse our website for an overview of the differences between Analogue and Digital monitoring and how CareIP can help you adopt digital technologies.

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